We pride ourselves on personal and professional expertise in all things immigration.

Who We Are

With over 5 years of experience, Michelle has the expertise to help you achieve your immigration goal.

Michelle Bowlen

Lawyer, business owner, and outdoor enthusiast who does things differently. Her path to practicing immigration law started after experiencing first hand the immigration process to get her Colombian husband to Canada. It is an area of law where she can connect with her clients on a personal level and find creative solutions to immigration problems.

Passionate about the small-town mountain lifestyle, Michelle chose to set up an immigration practice in Revelstoke, BC. From her base in Revelstoke, Michelle utilizes technology to serve clients throughout the Interior BC and around the world looking to make the move to Canada.

We provide professional, committed, and personalized services to address all types of immigration needs.

What We Do

Temporary or permanent, we are here to help you come to Canada for the first time or stay forever.

We understand that applying to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) can be complicated, confusing and stressful. Whether you are already in Canada or looking to find a pathway to get to Canada, we strive to find the best path forward to meet your needs. From our perspective, each client situation is unique and requires an individual plan of action. Our range of services offers a variety of cost-effective options to meet your needs.

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Areas of Expertise:

Temporary Residence:

  • Work Permits (employer-specific, open, bridging)
  • Study Permits
  • Temporary Resident Visas (visitor visa)
  • Temporary Resident Permits (inadmissible individuals)

Permanent Residence:

  • BC Provincial Nominee Program
  • Express Entry
  • Spousal Sponsorship Program
  • Family Sponsorship Program


We help businesses utilize immigration options to solve staffing needs. The Labour Market Impact Assessment process is complex and at times unforgiving. We know the law and can help you identify and understand all your options, including available exemptions to the LMIA.

Areas of expertise:

  • LMIA Applications
  • International Mobility Program Permits: NAFTA, Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement and others
  • Intra-company transferee
  • Owner/Operator LMIA

How We Do It

We utilize technology to be more effective and efficient in serving the needs of our clients.

Working Smart. We utilize technology to be more effective and efficient in serving the needs of our clients. When you hire Selkirk Immigration, your fees are used to pay for quality legal services and not high-priced offices in major cities. By keeping our overhead low and utilizing technology, we are able to offer exceptional service for less.

Transparency. At Selkirk Immigration we believe in communication and integrity in all aspects of our practice. We provide honest, truthful and complete information from the beginning so you can understand exactly what is needed to achieve your goals and whether you need a representative to assist you. We provide fixed fee pricing for most of our services so you have predictability in what it will cost you and when payments will tentatively be due. If necessary, we work with each client to develop payment plans that suit their individual needs.

We Are Where You Are. Utilizing technology means we can provide services to you no matter where you are located in Canada or throughout the world. We offer consultations by telephone, Skype or WhatsApp. We also speak Spanish fluently! 

Client Service Policy

We are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients. We understand you have a choice in who represents you so we have made it our primary goal to ensure you feel confident with your choice of representation. We will be accessible, responsive and will put the needs of our clients first.

How We Will Keep Our Promise

  • We will promptly return phone calls and emails.
  • We will communicate clearly regarding fees, application costs, and deadlines that must be met.
  • We will communicate when you may encounter additional fees for services not covered by the initial agreement prior to starting any of the work
  • We will respect our agreed upon fee arrangement
  • We will communicate realistic timelines for your file and keep you up to date on the status of your application
  • Lastly, we will provide you with a clear answer to any questions you ask, no matter how insignificant you think they may be

What Our Clients Say

Committed, Resourceful, Honest -Brett A

  • Michelle is not afraid of a challenge. Our immigration situation was difficult, and Michelle was able to successfully navigate our family to Canadian PR status.

    Our company worked with Michelle to obtain work visas. When it came time to apply for PR status, because our daughter has a pre-existing condition, we were advised to seek legal representation from those who have specialized experience in the matter. We were told we didn't really have a chance to gain Canadian PR status. We felt both broken and disappointed. As we had previously worked with Michelle on the work visas, I circled back to see if she could help with PR status. She was up for the challenge and ultimately was able to help us get approved! Working with Michelle was a pleasure, and I don't think we would have received PR status without her. Thank you so much.!

    - Brett A
  • My husband and I could not have had a better experience using Michelle as our Immigration Lawyer. We feel that the quality of service she provided was worth far more than the amount we paid for it. Although we only communicated virtually Michelle was with us every step of the way and thanks to her attention to detail, upon submission of our application we were at ease knowing that it was sent in, in perfect order.

    - Claire F
  • I would highly recommend Michelle. She made the stressful process of obtaining permanent residency feel like a walk through the park as well as helping me understand the more complicated parts of my application.

    - Oliver
  • I have been working with Michelle for 2 years towards my permanent residency. I can't thank her enough for all her time & patience with my case. She always answered my questions promptly, working with me both locally and internationally when I was based in Australia.   My mind is at ease with the whole process knowing that Michelle is working with me and listening to all my concerns.  My life has changed so much for the better with Michelle's advice & guidance. I cannot thank her enough & I recommend her services to anyone who is in need of immigration assistance.

    - Lizzie B.
  • Michelle has a lot of experience, is easy to talk to, affordable and overall EXTREMELY helpful. Michelle was recommended by several friends as being the best lawyer in town. I’ve see her a few times now and have recommended her myself ever since. She helped me get a perfect application. She was fast responding to my emails and gave me amazing tips. Thank you Michelle.

    - Anna
  • Michelle is efficient, thorough and professional. Her vast array of knowledge in every aspect of Immigration Law and her ability to present your options in a no-fuss logical way.
    Our relationship with Michelle began with us needing general advice and guidance about our future as Australian residents in Canada. What we quickly learned was that Michelle’s expertise and wealth of knowledge was invaluable and we would need her to help us every step of the way. Hiring Michelle was one of the best business and personal decisions we have made; relieving a vast majority of the pressure, stress and uncertainty associated with the immigration process.

    - John and Lauren (at Dose Coffee Company)
  • Friendly, diligent and caring, Michelle is a wonderful lawyer who is there at every step of the way during your immigration process or legal process. She is honest and gives the best advice for her clients in regards to the best options available and their related costs. She showed great care for our process and was available for any questions we had. Our process with her was exactly what she explained to us during our consultation and the costs were amazingly reasonable! In sum, what makes Michelle a unique professional and lawyer is her sense of caring for her clients and of understanding. Many legal processes can be stressful and long, but having a diligent and friendly professional to guide you makes a huge difference.

    My general experience working with Michelle was excellent. She handled our process smoothly and helped us to feel calmed at all times, even after a personal loss in my family. She reassured us the pros about our case, answered all of our concerns and read in detail every document before submission. I felt secured and confident working with Michelle because she took the time to explain every detail of our process and went above and beyond during hard times.

    - Natalia P.